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Sep 14

Nissan delivers 155-mile battery upgrade with new Leaf

Posted by Sara Kendall on Sep 14, 2015

Nissan delivers 155-mile battery upgrade with new Leaf.

Japanese carmaker Nissan has added a new 30Kwh battery to its flagship Leaf electric vehicle, improving its driving range by 25%.

The Leaf, which previously ran on 24Kwh batteries, now has a driving range of 155 miles on a single charge thanks to the improved battery, which the company claims is the first of its kind for the market.

The company claim the battery will only add 21kg of weight to the vehicle and will enhance vehicle performance by adding Carbon, Nitrogen and Magnesium to the electrodes.

The car, which benefits from 500 roadside LEAF-compatible rapid chargers across the UK, will go on sale in December with a market price of £24,490 – £1,600 higher than the 24Kwh battery model.

The old 24Kwh batteries could apparently retain up to 80% of their power for use in ‘commercial afterlife’. Earlier this year it was announced that used Nissan EV batteries would be used in partnership with energy storage provider Green Charge Networks, to create a commercial energy storage system. Nissan has yet to give details on charging times or commercial storage for the new batteries.

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