There are a number of key functions that operate within the Green Deal, which are outlined below.

Green Deal Installer is a company or person who will be suitably trained and certified to physically install the measures identified.  The Green Deal Installer must carry out a pre-installation survey on the property to ensure that the Green Deal Provider’s specifications can be met, highlighting any issues to the Provider prior to commencing the works.  The Installer must keep the customer informed of all processes and plans, and collate certain information that will need to be relayed back to the Green Deal Provider for them to review.

Green Deal Advisor will be a suitably trained and certified energy assessor that visits the property to carry out an Energy Assessment and create an Energy Performance Certificate and Green Deal report.  On the basis of that information the Advisor will then be able to suggest suitable Green Deal measures to be installed in the property to make it more energy efficient.  The Green Deal Provider can then create a proposal to be passed to the Green Deal Installer.

Green Deal Provider is the organisation that will provide the finance for the measures to be installed on the property.  The Green Deal Provider will look to contract in the Green Deal Advisor to provide the assessment and the Green Deal Installer to carry out the installation.

Green Deal Certification Bodies are responsible for carrying out assessments on individual companies to ensure their on-going compliance with PAS2030:2012.  The initial assessment determines if the company in question will be introduced to the Green Deal Register, and if successful will be subject to on-going surveillance visits.  The Certification body answers directly to the Green Deal Oversight Body and assess companies looking to become Advisors or Installers.

Green Deal Oversight Body is responsible for enforcing the PAS2030:2012 and for the general running of the scheme, which includes the Consumer Code.  The Green Deal Oversight Body is Gemserv, in conjunction with REAL Assurance, who runs the Consumer Code.  The Green Deal oversight Body will liaise with the Green Deal Certification bodies and are responsible for the whole scheme.