a. Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Financing

Provider: Carbon Trust Implementation services and Siemens Financial Services

Summary: Leases/loans and other financing options from £1000, designed so that financing payments are offset against the anticipated energy savings.  5 stage application process, from first submission through to equipment installation. You can either complete the application yourself or you can ask your Energy Efficiency Equipment supplier to complete it for you.

Eligibility criteria: All companies trading for at least 36 months are eligible subject to a normal credit assessment. An energy saving assessments will review the estimated CO2 and energy savings that will be achieved by the new equipment, and whether the monthly energy cost savings are likely to match or exceed energy efficiency financing payments.

Eligible technology: Building Technologies / Industrial Process Technologies  / Air conditioning / Compressed air fittings  / Heating  / Motors  / Heating controls / Materials handling equipment  / Building insulation / Power factor correction / Heat recovery / Process heating / Lighting process controls / Pipe insulation / Refrigeration / Solar thermal systems / Variable speed drives. For power factor correction, biomass heating, spraybooth projects, voltage management or plastic injection moulding finance, additional information will be required.

More info: The local delivery supplier for this scheme is Energy my Way. Call 01522 370 268 or email: lincs@energymyway.co.uk. Alternatively you can visit the Carbon Trust’s website

b. Nat West/ RBS Mentor Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Loans

Provider: Mentor, a subsidiary of Nat West and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which specialises in business support services for SMEs.

Summary: SMEs can access expert audits and loans to help reduce their energy usage, costs and carbon emissions. Audits focus on three areas: energy efficiency (reviewing lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, building fabric, plant and equipment); tariff management (examining tariff type, rates and fuel switching opportunities); and renewable energy (identifying ways to help SMEs potentially create their own energy through solar, wind and biomass). Businesses can also apply for loans of between £25,001 and £500,000 to fund the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Eligibility Criteria: Any SME with a minimum energy expenditure of £10,000 per site, per year can access the audit service, regardless of whether they are a customer of Nat West or RBS. Businesses can apply for a loan without having been audited by Mentor. Support may be accessed at any time.

Eligible Technology: Eligible costs typically include lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, building fabric, plant and equipment, and identifying ways to potentially create energy through solar, wind and biomass.

More information: For further information, visit the Nat West website or contact Mentor direct on 0800 634 7009 or info@mentor.uk.com.

c. Atlas Copco Compressor Finance

Provider: Atlas Copco/ Anglian Compressors

Summary: Financing options for Atlas Copco compressors.

Eligibility Criteria: None specified, but can be purchased locally through Anglian Compressors.

Eligible Technology: Compressors.

More information: For more information visit the website.

d. Lombard Renewable Technology Asset Finance Solutions

Provider: Lombard

Summary: Lombard offers finance options to fund energy- related technologies. Applications can be made either to fund individual assets or as part of a larger building/ retrofit project.

Eligibility Criteria: None specified- visit the Lombard website to submit a quotation request.

Eligible Technology: Solar PV (roof/ ground mounted); biomass boilers; air source heat pumps; wind (on shore); LED lighting; combined heat and power; anaerobic digestion.

More information: Visit Lombard’s website for further information or to obtain an online quotation.

e. NBV Start Up Loans and Business Advice

Provider: NBV

Summary: Business start ups can access loans of up to £25,000, repayable over 1-5 years with an interest rate of 6.2%. Free business seminars, one to one advice and master classes are also available.

Eligibility Criteria: Businesses must either have a fully-formed business plan or be an existing business which is less than a year old. Grant funding advice is also available for established businesses.

Eligible Technology: None specified.

More information: For more information visit the website and register to download a free business pack. Alternatively, call 0844 887 2568.

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