The University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing is located in Holbeach, Lincolnshire at the centre of the East of England’s food processing industry.

Under the SUSTAIN Lincolnshire initiative led by Lincolnshire County Council, the University has set up the NCFM Food Manufacturers Resource Efficiency Group to promote profitable, environmentally friendly good practice among small and medium sized food manufacturers in Lincolnshire

How it works

All small food manufacturing companies are automatically part of the group.  Larger companies join as ‘exemplars’ and assist the members by sharing their experience of gaining benefit from becoming ‘greener’.

The group meets at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing where a member or an ‘exemplar’ describes how pursuing environmental goals led to economic and other benefits for the company.

One of the university staff then leads a discussion which usually ranges widely round the topic and encourages participants to try out the idea at their factory.

Through SUSTAIN Lincolnshire initiative the NCFM Food Manufacturers Resource Efficiency Group can access a range of resource efficiency monitoring and testing equipment either to use on their sites or to test samples on the NCFM site where expert support is at hand

In addition the university staff can access funding streams to help small companies fund ideas and the further spread of knowledge.  The university staff can also assist small companies in testing out their ideas and members and exemplars have been known to invite each other to see the ideas in action in their factories and to share resources.

What are the benefits

The benefits of membership and becoming an ‘exemplar’ are numerous

How to join


Engineering companies can join a similar resource efficiency group run by the University of Lincoln from the Brayford site by contacting Richard Allarton email